I’m comfortable on a church pew, in fact there was a time when that was the ONLY place I was comfortable with my faith. Once I left that pew, I didn’t quite understand how to walk out my faith.


Sitting still and listening to someone teach me about God’s Word worked for me —

at least it once did.  It was easy.

I sat.

Pastor preached.


I sat.

Bible teacher taught.

And then life changed…. or rather, I changed.  I grew up.  Not in age (although that seems to have happened, too) but in faith.

And that comfortable pew was no longer comfortable.

I had to get up.

I had to step up.

The time had come to step out … in faith because faith that only lives in pew, well, that’s lukewarm faith.  That’s faith that never goes beyond the comfortable. That’s faith that is more focused on what you get than what you are give or who you serve.  That is a faith wrapped up in who I am not who He is.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.  Heb 11:1

Where are you?  Are you comfortable in the pew?  I was more numb than comfortable.   And the more I sat, the more numb I got until it felt like I’d never be able to move.  Here are my steps to overcoming that numb feeling.

Stand up — this is the first step.

Look up– to the author and finisher of your faith, Jesus Christ.

Read up — dedicate yourself to reading His Word — it’s your lifeline to Him.

Rise up — He has a plan for you, but He can’t use you if you won’t get up out of the pew.  Take my word for it, I spent a lot of years in sitting in that pew.