Okay, I know I promised to post more about the whole weight loss thing… but really I feel strange talking about me so much.  I had surgery, most of my stomach is gone, I don’t eat much and I’ve lost 32 lbs.  That’s the condensed version, but for all of those who’ve asked both on Facebook and privately, here are few more details.

I had vertical sleeve  gastrectomy — The surgeon removed about two-thirds of my stomach.  GONE!  Buh Bye!  Obviously with only one-third of your stomach, you are limited in quantity and that makes you want to focus on quality of food.  I eat high protein, low carb, no sugar items.  Also, the part of my stomach that was removed is the part that contained the hunger hormone …. or something like that.  I don’t really get hungry.  I’m almost 6 weeks out and I average around 700-800 calories a day.  I’m also on vitamins, etc.  I’m doing good. No need to tell me I’m starving myself, I’m not… I am getting in all my protein, carbs, fats and vitamins I need.  I eat great food — eggs, chicken, all kinds of veggies, fish, shrimp, yogurt, and so much more.  I can tolerate most any food — just  have to steer clear of the fatty stuff (doesn’t sit well on my tummy) and the same goes for high sugar.  Now, there will likely come a time when I can manage those… but I hope that is much LATER rather than sooner.  I don’t need them or the temptation.

Now for those who asked if I’ll ever be able to eat all that ‘good stuff’ again — the short answer is yes, in moderation.   I think this is the biggest fear for those of us who LOVE TO EAT!  It’s the idea of NEVER BEING ABLE TO ENJOY FOOD again! Oh we do love to eat…. and I still love to eat.  I just eat very small portions.  And I eat much more healthy.  I skip the chips and candy, but I do have great food.  Never fear — you can eat.  So if you’re a FOOD LOVER, like me and you are wondering about this surgery, I encourage to do some research — and of course, you can call one me.  I’ll be happy to share my nickel’s worth of information.

But I also want to share a little piece of wisdom I picked up on my way:

This surgery is a tool and only a tool.  You have to commit to changing your relationship with food.  You have to commit to getting healthy.  You have to commit to making the change to make this happen.  It’s all up to you.

I think it comes down to be ready for a change — and I was and I am.   But it’s like anything in life — you have to be committed to it to make it work.

As for me, it’s working.  Of course, I’m only 6 weeks out but I feel GREAT!  I’m losing weight and I have lots of energy.  That’s a win in my book!!