I’m so excited to be speaking at the Get Revived this year! 

I was honored to speak at Ministry Online last year and am THRILLED beyond measure that they’ve asked me to speak at Get Revived! 


The wonderful Amies of A Woman Inspired have put together the most incredible event … AGAIN!  The speakers lineup is mind-boggling.  It’s four days of wonderful speakers and, here’s the best part, you can come in your pajamas!  Yep, you can and no one will ever know… unless you tell them.  So don’t do that or do, it doesn’t matter.  It’s an online conference.  You can logon and listen to the speakers.  You can interact with the others in the chat space.  (It’s like talking in class, but you don’t get in trouble.) There’s also a Q&A with the speakers – and that’s always fun. 

I have so MANY wonderful friends speaking at this.  There’s Lisa Shaw, Lisa McKay, Angela Parsley, Marsha HarwoodAmy Bayliss, Lori MacMath, Leigh Hargis Gray and Tiffany Stuart – and there are SO MANY MORE who I just adore!   Y’all this event will BLESS your socks off!! 

Also, I have a sweet new friend, Mandy Young speaking – and y’all have to come by and say hello to Mandy.  She is funny, sweet and just a ray of sunshine.  She’s also incredibly courageous and her story is amazing.   She’s also being introduced by the another wonderful young woman, Candace Cameron Bure.  You may remember her from the old Full House days, but now she’s on the new series, Make it or Break It, where she plays a Christian and it’s not a ‘faith based’ show, but it’s one of my favorite new shows. 

I adore both these women for their courage.  Mandy has the courage to face incredible adversity with a smile and Candace is a shining light in Hollywood.  She’s standing up among unbelievers and she’s stating she’s a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ.  I appreciate both of these women.

Now, to the GIVEAWAY part (thought I would NEVER make it, didn’t you?)

The sweet Amies of A Woman Inspired have given me not one, but FIVE tickets to this conference. All you have to do is comment and you’re in the drawing! 

But enter fast – the contest is over on Wednesday at 11pm.  Oh, and remember to put your contact email in your comment so we can FIND you if you win! 

Oh, and if you don’t win… it’s so reasonable priced you can still make it…. it’s only $12.95 for the whole She-Bang!  Can’t beat that …. well, unless you win then it’s free…. but never mind.