Comparison breeds discontent.  I don’t know if that is a famous quote or just something I’ve heard, either way it is truth.

I struggle to make sure I don’t compare myself to other speakers, authors, moms, wives, christians because I will always come up short.  Recently, I was lamenting (which is a big, fancy word for whining, but doesn’t it sound better?) over not being asked to be a part of a certain group.   I looked at who was chosen and felt even more hurt.  Not only had I NOT been invited but they invited her.  Lord, I thought YOU called me to this walk?  Wouldn’t this be the PERFECT place for me and this message YOU gave me?  Her message is just not as good a fit as mine, don’t you think Lord?  

And for some reason the Lord just didn’t agree with me.

Then it hit me (or really the Holy Spirit gave it to me) — her success does NOT mean my failure.  I can get so caught up in the statistics that tell me success is only indicated by size of groups you speak to and number of books sold.   I see the limited number of speaking spots available and assume if she gets one, then I don’t get one.  But it’s not true — God has room for every single one of us.  We are all unique and if God has called us to it then He will equip us to serve those He has called us to.

I can’t compare myself to any one else – we are all unique.  We all serve the same God and the messages may sound similar, but we are all very different.  And God has equipped each of us to serve in different ways.

We can all struggle with comparison — I wrangled with this LONG before I was ever a speaker.

Do you struggle with comparison?  How do you deal with it?