Seems like I promised to keep y’all updated on my weight loss weekly… and that was a month ago.  I’m just awful at this blogging thing… but I do LOVE to stay connected.  I’m much better at vlogging…. that’s video blogging and I say that like I know what I’m talking about but someone had to explain it to me. I just call it the real me — chatty, discombobulated, slightly distracted and somewhat frazzled.  There’s just one HUGE probably with the video blogging…. I have to fix my hair and slap on something more than a coat of Endless Red lipstick.   So, I promise a video blog …. someday soon… how’s that for vague?

I just put on some Endless Red and used my ipad as a mirror.  Does anyone else do that?  Open your camera option on your phone or ipad and look at yourself?  Let me tell you it makes a great mirror — but I caution you from doing too much primping while in public.  You can get some strange looks.

So, here I am at the 3 1/2 month mark.  I never thought much beyond the surgery and the end results — but this journey is amazing.  I’ve had quite a few firsts since we last spoke:

1st cruise since surgery — Hubby and I and some close friends sailed Alaska the first week of June.  OH MY!  Such amazing scenery.  God’s handiwork is amazing everywhere, but Alaska…. oh my!!  And the weather is wonderful… at least in June.  don’t think I want to be there in January.  We were so blessed to see Humpback whales, Harbor seals, otters, bald eagles, and dolphins.  It was just amazing.  I ate like any other person — I just focused on protein first, then veggies and I stayed away from the starches, for the most part.  I did have a bite of this mac and cheese and bacon dish.  I turned down desserts and tried to walk instead of using elevators.  I made it through with flying colors.

1st new pair of skinny jeans — I walked into Marshalls looking for some low priced jeans as all mine were failing off.  I picked up some skinny jeans and they fit great.  I  later figured out they are a size 12!  I can’t believe it!  Now, trust me when I say I’ve got these size 12s stretched to the limit, but I’m in them!!

Realization of clothing — my body is changing so quickly that it’s hard to buy clothes because what fits today will likely not fit next week.  I’ve found that palazzo pants and skinny jeans are the way to go,

So, here’s the latest picture and weight loss update — down 46 pounds. (I have to tell you this — I’m struggling with sharing this because I don’t want to appear to be bragging.  I just want to share the journey.  God is doing amazing things in my life — outside of the weight loss, but I give him all the glory for this decision and my better health.  I just want to encourage you and let’s just agree that I overshare. )