I’ve spent some time in the book of Luke studying Christ’s call on Simon Peter.  This short section of scripture has me enthralled for several reasons – Christ’s calling, Simon Peter’s response, and how this passage is filled with so many truths I need today. 

Christ asks Simon to walk away from what he knew and follow Him.  And Simon did.  He left his life as a fisherman and likely many friends and family to follow Christ. 

He walked away from the known and into the unknown.  He walked out of the comfortable and into an amazing adventure with Christ. 

Simon didn’t have a clue what he was walking into, he only knew that the One who called Him was worthy.

Christ calls each of us individually.  He calls us out of the comfortable & into the adventure. 

He calls us out of complacency and into courage. 

Christ didn’t call Simon to build a lake – He called Him to leave his comfortable life as a fisherman and become a fisher of men.

I want to  build a pond and ask people to come to it. It’s a cute pond with lots of pretty floats, great chairs and tons of fun things to do.  It’s  comfortable here at the pond. I don’t want to leave my pretty little pond.

I don’t want to walk into the uncomfortable or out of the complacency.  I would rather wallow in the shallow end of my pond and never go beyond, but Christ calls me to so MUCH MORE. 

His call on my life may not look like what I thought it should,  but I know the One who calls me  is worthy.

He calls each of us to trust Him completely.  Surrender to Him and love Him with all that we are. 

We are all CALLED —

What is Christ calling you to today?