Last night Beth taught about breaking free from the lies of the enemy!  Oh, how I needed to hear that message.  The enemy is out to make us QUIT!  Get this message — if he can get us to quit, he wins.  He will do anything to make us feel like a failure. 

I am Not a failure.  You are not a failure! 

Beth shared a story about how the enemy attacks those who are called to ministry.  I actually wrote her words down

“what do you think you’re doing in this position?”  Oh my word!  How many of us have felt that question just sweep over us? 

I know I’m dealing with those feelings right now!  As the book gets closer to becoming a reality, these fears just rise up… do I really believe that God called me to write this?  Why would He call me?  Why not someone who has it all together? Or even someone who has some of it together?  Anyone other than me — I’m just a slightly frazzled, but optimistic dreamer who loves the Lord and life as a wife to one and Mom to two (almost) grown daughters and one incredible dog!!

I’ll just walk where He leads and I will walk in faith that whatever He has for me is so much better than what I’d planned.  (Ohhh, I bet there’s chocolate involved!!)

More to come and pictures!!