Another night of Breaking Free and it just continues to blow me away!  How amazing is God?!  He is so very good to us that I can’t even begin to understand His goodness and love! 

I want to write this deep and meaningful post on the Bible study…. but I’m a bit brain dead, so I hope you’ll settle for something a little less. 

Love.  God is LOVE!  Cool, huh?  Not like we don’t know this, of course we do.  But think about that for just a moment…. chew on it.  

Look at 1John 4:19 – We love because He first loved us. 

Beth taught on this passage tonight.  “He first loved us.”  I’ve read this and heard this for years, but tonight I let it sink in and I soaked in it.  He first loved us.   How powerful.  I love because He loved me first. 

As I listened to this tonight, God just brought the Siestas to mind.  What a wonderful, ecletic group of women who love the Lord!  As we took pictures tonight and laughed together, I realized just how incredible this group of woman is!  We are together because of a love for the Lord and a deep desire to grow deeper in our faith and to our God.  I must admit i really didn’t get the whole Siesta thing until now…. and for anyone reading this who doesn’t get it.  Go to the Beth Moore, Living Proof Ministries blog and just read around.  I believe you’ll be blessed.  Amazing women who love the Lord and one another.  Amazing women who I’ve met this week and who’ve blessed me richly as I laughed with them and worshipped with them! 

How amazing is this body of Christ.  I love the women I’ve worshipped and studied with this week.  Some are Siestas, others are sisters in Christ, and there are also the Franklin Avenue Baptist Church women (who’re also my sisters in Christ) who’ve gone out of their way to make us all feel welcome.  They’ve helped us, served us, and guided us to the bathrooms.  They’ve done everything with the sweetest smile and kindest hearts.  I just pray that someone would feel so welcomed when they visit my church.

I know I keep promising pictures and I’ll get them up…. I promise.