Wow!  What an amazing day 2!!  The Lord God is good!  He is so amazing!  So incredible! and just so MUCH MORE than any words I can write.  HE IS MORE!  And I am ready for MORE in my life.  I am ready to drop the chains of bondage and live in freedom — true freedom, the kind of FREEDOM that only comes through Christ Jesus, my sweet Lord.

This morning I asked the Lord to send me some divine appointments. I prayed Lord, don’t let me miss one sweet soul you have for me. Lord use these sisters in Christ to speak to me. Lord use me to reach them for You.

Oh and He did! And He did it big! I was blessed to sit beside a woman, Barb, who serves here in New Orleans on the mission field — and oh, what a mission field. This couple have sold all their “stuff” and live here in the city with their three boys. Amazing stuff God is doing through this obedient couple. WOW! And while she’s sharing with me she asks me this question “Where’s the Church?”

This is a question we’ve all probably asked from time to time, but this question is huge for me. This words are the title to a blog post I wrote long ago. It’s more than just a blog post, it’s something that burdens my heart. Where’s the church? Divine Appointment. I hear you Lord.

As for the title — Breaking Free from the Madness.
Words from a song we sang tonight, One Touch, by Nicole C Mullins.
It’s all madness — life can be madness, and mine has drifted into this area from time to time. I’m claiming myself FREE and free I am in Jesus!

I’m Breaking Free to fulfill my potential. And not just any potential but HIS potential!! Does it get any better than this?!
I’m not buying into satan’s lies — he wants to make each of us ineffective and living in bondage. And we have the power to be free! It’s ours, bought and paid for.

Today, I saw the grave of Marie Leveaus and it was covered in offerings — coins, beads, candles, candy, and all sorts of things. Items tossed in front of a crypt from people who are crying out to be free! Lord, these people need you! Pour out your spirit on this place. Give the Christians of New Orleans a boldness in their spirit and a sweetness in their souls. Lord, break through their madness and let your garment brush through the crowd. Touch me, Lord. Just one touch and I am whole!

Lord be with us as we go into another blessed day in this place!