Here we are in New Orleans.  It’s my first time in this city and I’m amazed at the beauty and the devastation that seems to exist side by side.  A gorgeous old tree, limbs spreading out in all directions stands in front of a house that wears the impact of Katrina.  Beauty and Devastation. 

 Franklin Avenue Baptist Church is home to some of the most wonderful women I’ve ever met.  These sisters in Christ herded 1000 women into their church and they did it with the sweetest spirits.  They offered tips, advice on where to stand, park, and wait. They laughed with us and probably at us.

  While we waited on the doors to open we roamed the halls of the church  — well, we had a plan, we were headed to the bookstore.  I bumped into one gracious and beautiful lady who introduced herself as Elizabeth Luter, the pastor’s wife.  What a joy and  a treasure she  is!  I tell you I was blown away by the joy in these ladies.

Tonight’s worship was amazing!  The worship leader, forgive me for not remembering her name.  She leads the worship for Beth Moore’s Tuesday night study in Houston.  She’s incredible! 

Beth brought an amazing fresh word from God tonight.  I watched the Lord move among the women.  I met some wonderful ladies,  Jennyhope and grateful in Georgia (Tammy) and their friend from Iowa, also Traci from Kentucky and Stella (who I met in the parking lot and just had her join us). Divine appointments all.  God has work to do in so many hearts, mine included. 

Tonight we laid the groundwork for this week.  We opened our hearts to hear what the Lord would have us hear.  I walked away with two powerful messages:

Bondadge is anything that hinders me from the fullness of who God wants me to be. 

I am meant to be profoundly effective! 

Another thing that struck me was the word on isolation — strongholds lead to isolation.  

I’m ready to take God up on His offer, to trust Him completely, to submit to Him fully, and to experience a freedom beyond anything I’ve ever imagined. 

Pray for Beth over these next few days.  Pray for all of us attending. 

I’ll keep you all posted on new friends and messages.  

Have one incredible day!