Do you need a speaker who can help your attendees build a  message that moves people to action.

Are you looking for someone who can share easy to understand steps on crafting a compelling message? 

Do you need a communicator who understands how to use storytelling techniques to make a message more engaging? 

Mary is the unique speaker who combines her expertise and experience with humor to create a compelling presentation that will engage and educate your audience.

With over 15 years working with speakers from business owners to bible teachers, Mary is uniquely equipped to help speakers develop compelling, relevant talks that matter. 

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Are you a speaker who is ready to go from vanilla to vibrant? 

Do you want to take your message from capable to commanding? 

Are you looking to move from efficient to exhilarating?

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    Most Requested Topics

    Setting the Stage: Making Your Message Matter

    What happens before you step onto the stage matters.  Who are you following?  What is the stage like?  How long have the people been listening?  These are just a few of the questions you need to ask to insure you can deliver your message in a way that will make a difference. 

    Passion + Purpose: Move People to Action

    What is your passion?  What is your purpose?  Find the intersection of these two and build your story around it.  Mary gives you the building blocks to craft a message that will move people to action 

    Vanilla to Vibrant: Creating a Message that Makes a Difference

    You have a good message, it’s just a bit bland.  Mary gives you the keys to building a message that is filled with the elements that matter to your audience. Whether you’re working to educate, entertain or inform your audience, Mary delivers the foundation for building a vibrant message.

    What Others Are Saying

    Along with speaking, I’m also the author of God, Grace, and Girlfriends: Adventures in Faith and Friendship.

    Below are a couple of endorsements on the book:

    “My friend Mary Snyder has tackled one of the best, yet toughest things we deal with daily. Our friendships. She untangles the truth behind our need for each other and walks us through the challenge of finding the right girlfriends. So whether we are looking for a loyal friend or thankful we have one, Mary will unpack the great adventure of friendship and how to keep it thriving.”

    —Lysa TerKeurst, speaker and New York Times best-selling author of Made to Crave

    “Mary Snyder is the most perfect person to write a book for girlfriends and their adventures! Her beautiful, tender personality shines through every chapter. I have enjoyed reading each page; but more importantly, I am reinspired to be intentional and purposeful with my friends. May these words teach us all to treasure God’s good gifts to us—girlfriends, grace, and adventures.”

    —Angela Thomas, best-selling author and speaker