I want to thank all of you out there who gave me advice and suggestions on the book title.   I’m really excited about it and I can even see a cover in my head.  Do y’all ‘see’ things like this?  Just me?  Really?  I’m very visual when it comes to this kind of stuff.  I’m not sharing my vision because if the cover is WAY off in left field somewhere I don’t want to feel bad that the cover designer didn’t GET my vision.  And yes, my issues are way off the charts.

Here are some of the titles (and my vision for the accompanying covers)that didn’t make the cut —

Composition of Relationships with Women in your Circle and Beyond — a little too college textbook sounding, but I thought it would be so cute with the black & white composition book-like cover and the title in dark pink hand written font.

Wild Cheetahs: Running with Your Kinda little vague… okay, a LOT vague but just think of the CUTE cheetah print we could do on the cover with cartoon women running across the cover OR we could do the cartoon women and the FONTS!  Oh my stars — we could use something WILD.  I’m thinking an aqua color which would look so fantastic with the browns & beiges.

Girlfriends — Blessings?  Curse? A bit of both? I’m afraid this one would come off a bit snarky but what a FUN cover.  Halos and pitchforks and lots of symbols… okay, maybe this one would just look strange.  Scratch this one.

GUTS – Girlfriends Understand Tough Stuff — I still like this one.  It’s not pretty and girly and neither are relationships.  They are tough and hard sometimes, but worth it.  When I tossed this one up to the masses (aka 12 people who read it on facebook) several didn’t like the icky visual of real guts.  I didn’t think of that and now that I’m thinking of it makes it hard to envision my orignal cover… so nevermind on cover art ideas.

Getting Gritty: Faith and Friendships — Sand.  It makes me think of sand in my mouth and that’s jus not good.  Not good at all.  But the cover would be so cute — beach scene, lots of Gulf Coast white sand, crashing surf, three sets of feet wearing cute flip flops — LOVE it!!

oooh. the TITLE?

God, Grace & Girlfriends: Adventures in Faith and Friendship

So what do you think?