So much to share!!  So little time.  BUT I promise to catch you up on all the goings on and travels in my life — and I promise to do this catching up VERY SOON!  (I’m putting off the catching up because I have a book deadline!  I’m writing a bible study about authentic friends and faith — more to come on that).

Until the catching up happens, I want to do a book sale!  (and I promise that was my very LAST exclamation point)

I’ve had several people (okay, just two people) ask about buying my book for a friend for Christmas and if I could sign it.  I suggested they buy it and send it to me and then I’ll sign it and send it back to them.  That’s a WHOLE mess o’sending — and then VIOLA!  it hit me.  Why don’t I just sell books that can be signed before they are sent.

So here it is — the first EVER internet signed book sale for God, Grace and Girlfriends: Adventures in Faith & Friendship

If you’re looking for a great (and inexpensive) gift for a friend, this is easy to order and easy to wrap!!












The book is only $12 (and that includes shipping).  I’ll sign it to you or to your girlfriend or whomever (geez, I hope I used whom right??).  Put the name of the person you want it inscribed to and I’ll have this in the mail ASAP!  I promise you will have it in plenty of time for your Christmas gathering!


God, Grace & Girlfriends — $12 (includes shipping)