Today I got this wonderful email from my editor — book cover ideas are in! And being the sweetheart that she is, she explained that once we decide on a concept we can tweak it. I was so thrilled to see these covers — thrilled and humbled. I can’t believe we’re to this point. God is so good! He’s taken me so far even when I continually stumble and fall. This project started years ago, but I’m not going to get all misty and weepy, I’m just praising God for His incredible grace.
Now, let’s take a look at the book cover choices for Girlfriends, God, and Grace: How to Have a Great Girlfriend Adventure.

Let me say that I’m absolutely blown away by all three of these book covers!  Kudos to the designer — I don’t know her / his name, but I believe this person has either been in my closet, my head, my book, or all three. 

Let’s just take a look at these three —

Number one (boxes and shoes) — I love the shoes!  The red ones look like the Sarah Palin kickin’ red heels that I blogged about a while back, the black slingbacks are just too cute, the black low heel Mary Jane’s are just what I’ve been looking for — and the green dotted flats, well, I just have to get a pair of those! 

The colors and prints on the boxes are just …. well, just me!  The slightly funky, slightly retro blues and browns are right on point!

 Book cover 1












Number two — I just love this one too!  The photo of the two women with their hands up remind me of me and oh so many different girlfriends! I love the attitude of this cover — it just shouts “roadtrip!”  to me.  Also the fonts are cute, the blue and brown are great, love the splashes of pink and the wonderful curvy title box, but — please forgive me scrapbooking sisters — I’m not too jazzed over the scrapbooking scissors, since these funny cutting scissors just sort of freak me out.  If we end up with this cover, maybe  we can take out the scissors.  And scrapbook girls …. I love y’all and love what you do! Please don’t judge me because I’m scrapbooking challenged! 

And I also think if we chose this one as the book cover, it’s important for me to get a cute pink jacket, some gray fuzzy gloves, and a convertible  I think it makes perfect sense — don’t you?)

 book cover 2



















Ahh, book cover number three!  Too cute.  Me and all my shoes!  That’s what it feels like, except one thing…. it’s not me on the cover, but I’m okay with it.  In fact, let’s just let people believe it’s me! And for the record, I want her upper arms… oh, there’s more that I want, but I’m practicing contentment, so I’ll just settle for her upper arms.


 book cover 3




















Now — comes your part — vote for the one you like the best:
Book 1 — the shoes and the boxes
Book 2 – the photo of the women in the convertible
Book 3 –woman and her shoes

Vote for the one you like the best — and you don’t even have to declare a party affliation. Just pick the one you like the best.

And just think your vote will count! I am turning the votes over to the Book Cover powers of Thomas Nelson. Y’all really made a difference on the title and we were able to keep Girlfriends, God, and Grace — let’s see which cover gets the most votes.