I thought about being all politically correct and putting Palin / Biden but then I decided it’s my blog and I don’t want to be politically correct.  Oh well, hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.  I like Sarah Palin and I’m jazzed to hear she’s debating tonight.  I hope she does well. 

I watched the last debate with McCain and Obama, I tried to pay attention to the issues, but I was so caught up in the poor grammar that I couldn’t get past it.  I refuse to mud sling, but  allow me to say this (using my very proper, or as proper speaking as a southern girl can be, speaking voice) gentlemen, we do not use the term ‘gotta’ when we’re running for office.  The much more acceptable phrase is “we must.”  

Grammar is important to me — and I’ll be watching Sarah and Joe quite closely tonight. 

On the topic of Sarah Palin, I’ve held off from posting about the media frenzy over her, but I have a couple of things that I just can’t hold in:

To the feminists who are questioning whether Sarah Palin can be VP and still manage to parent her children, including her special needs baby:

Look chicks — y’all fought long and hard for the equal rights / equal pay stuff.  I grew up hearing I could have it all and I deserved it all — and this came from the feminist movement of the 1970s.  Now, here’s a VP candidate who’s a wife and Mom and y’all are saying “wait, she’s just not right.” What are you thinking?  Is it because Sarah Palin doesn’t embrace your politics?  I thought that equal stuff was for all women — I didn’t realize it was really just for some women — the women who would line up with a specific agenda.  Hmm – interesting stuff.

Now, on to Sarah Palin’s daughter — to all who’ve said anything about this child, I say this — hush.  Enough said.  She is a child — granted a child who’ll be doing a lot of growing up really soon, but still a child. Leave her alone.  I seem to remember  Hilary Clinton saying Chelsea was off limits and the press respected that.  To the press of today (online, print, television) back off and leave her alone. 

Now, Sarah Palin seems to be a pretty good candidate for our current economic mess.  Her trimming of Alaska’s budget is something that Washington could and should embrace. 

Seriously, have you seen the amount of SUVs in a motorcade — and these are the big, flashy, expensive ones, not the cheap budget models.  Come on guys, do we really need that many  — can’t we just use some of those big ol’ Hummers sitting over at the Army Base?  I think four of those would handle anything — and they even have the gun guy sticking out of the top.  Now, if that won’t deter a bad guy, I don’t know what will. 

Back to Sarah and the budget mess we’re in — I would love to see what Sarah would suggest.  Selling a few SUVs on ebay?  Maybe ditching a few more big ticket items?  I believe she thinks like we do — just the average person trying to make ends meet. 

Sarah Palin will be on TV in just a few minutes — and I’m taking this moment to ask God to give her the words, the wisdom, and the grace she’ll need to get through this debate.  Lord, let Your light shine through her. 

I don’t know Sarah Palin, but I like her shoes (the cute red peep toes) and I  like the way she thinks (trim the fat and sell the stuff on ebay).  Most of all, I like that she isn’t Washington.  She doesn’t have buddies she owes favors to; She doesn’t have a history that goes back years and years.  She’s not a part of the old boys or the old girls network,  at least I hope not. 

I wish her all the best — and I hope that she does wonderful!  We need a candidate who’ll sell a plane on ebay!  That’s one way to bail us out of this economic crisis and maybe if a few of these bank and mortgage people had sold a few things on ebay we wouldn’t be in the midst of this crisis.

Off to watch the debate…. and I’m still promising the vacation pictures.