I know it’s THAT time — time for the obligatory thankfulness blog post.   I would LOVE to write an Ann VosKamp style post with all those flowing sentences and amazing imagery.  But I’m not Ann and I don’t write flow-y stuff.  I am me and I write choppy, slightly off-kilter stuff.

Let’s ALL agree we are thankful for AMAZING husbands who love us so!  Children who bless us. Pets who greet us.  And ONE AMAZING God whose love is more than we can imagine!

Let’s move on to the more obscure stuff we are thankful for, but rarely mention.

The Internet — without it we’d all be …. well, not connected to each other. Some of us would be, but most of us would’ve NEVER, EVER met.  So thank you Al Gore — or whoever really put this whole Internet thing together.  And then what would we do with all of our time!

Facebook — because Words with Friends is keeps me on my speeeling toes.  And keeping up with my 987 closest friends is really important.

Hair color — I really am.  I would be a mousey brunette … at least I think   I would be.  I’m really not sure.

Nasal spray — I love to breathe through my nose and this has been one TOUGH allergy season!

Wrinkle release — I’m talking about the fabric wrinkle release (but if you know of a skin wrinkle release that works as well as my Downy PULEEEASE share).  I started using this because the cruise ships don’t allow you to take an iron in your cabin.  I can have a hair straightening flat iron that heats up to one bazillion degrees but not a clothes iron.  Must be some strange maritime thing.  I’m not devastated — ironing is NOT my favorite pastime.  But when I found Downy wrinkle release — oh my!  I use it on the cruise, at home, in my car.  I recently learned to spray a garment and toss it in the dryer for that fresh wrinkle free look in less than 1 minute!  LOVE IT!

Twitter — and not for the obvious fun entertainment in 140 character spurts.  I’m thankful for Twitter in bad weather.  When the internet goes down, the satellite is out, I can depend on my twitter feed to keep me connected to the weather reports.

Spanx – and I’m never more thankful than during the STARCHY holidays.

Caller ID – I remember the DARK days when you didn’t have a clue was on the other end of the phone.  Maybe it’s THE guy or a long-winded sales person — it was always a crap shoot.  Now, we can mentally prepare before we answer.  It’s life changing — or not really, but it does make avoiding people so MUCH easier!

My DVR — please note the possessive MY — because it is!  I’m so thankful for the ability to record tv shows because now I can be obsessive  about my tv shows without being annoying – as in ‘I HAVE TO GO NOW or I’ll miss ER. I WILL NOT miss another episode this season.’ Well, that little league softball game had gone on LONG enough.  TV was awaiting.  Just think how different my daughter’s softball career would’ve been if I’d had a DVR.  Oh wait, she hated softball. Nevermind.

What are some of the odd, obscure things you rarely say you’re thankful for?  Speak up!!