I love presents.  Yes, I do.  And I love it when the present is a surprise.

My co-workers sent me an amazing box filled with fun goodies. Now, let me clarify — my co-workers are about three states away.  I work from a home office and they all hang out at what we call the ‘Cruise House’ in North Carolina.  I adore them and sadly don’t see them enough.

This box of blessings is so special because it is filled with things that made me laugh and made my day!  They sent things I love– from notebooks & post-its to fuzzy socks, fake eyelashes and hair accessories   And some fun shoe straps that promise to make me sexier… I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy the video — and then go out and get someone a banana clip or whatever might bless them.  But really is there anything more of a blessing than a banana clip?