I’m working on a devotion for Internet Cafe today — the title is Marshmallow Faith.   I love the concept that God has given me — and I love how He gives me something that I can relate to.  Like marshmallows. 

Since I believe in authencity in all things, particularly snack food, I had to pick up a bag of marshmallows to use during the writing process. 

I’m working on the devotional and it hits me — there is a candle on my desk.  Right there.  Now, where is that lighter?  Ohhh, here are some matches.  I’ll just light that baby. 

Now what to use as a roasting stick?  Nope, the pencil is too thick.  I think that pen will melt.  Look tweezers.  Let’s wash that baby off. 

 Here we go — roasted marshmallows are just a little bit of heaven on a stick (or a pair of tweezers).



And no, the marshmallows don’t taste like candle unless you dip them in the wax.  Just pay attention.  Also, remember that burning marshmallows are an office fire hazard. Just saying.  Why do fire alarms have to be so stinkin’ loud? 

Now, back to that devotional.