I recently had a little Black & Decker surgery on my jaw.  First, it was a bone graft – apparently the only skinny thing on me is my jaw bone – and then I had two posts installed in my jaw.  There is still another step or two until we reach the end o the journey. 

Anyway, on to my story.  The dentist prescribed some pain medicine since having two screws imbedded into a newly grown jaw bone can some ….’discomfort’ which we all know is code for ‘hurts like you’ve been punched in the mouth by a prize fighter.’  

The bottle of pills read  ‘take as needed’ and I did.   The pills kept me from just passing out from the pain, but once the pain was gone I no longer needed the pills.  I set those pills on a shelf.  I will pull them out if the pain returns, but for now, I’m good.  

How often have I used Jesus ‘as needed?’ How often have I grabbed ahold of Jesus and held on for dear life during the tough times?  How often have I set Him aside when life is good and troubles aren’t knocking?  How easy it is to call on Jesus when I’m desperate for His help.

My prayer is I never set Him aside.  My prayer is to always NEED Jesus.  My prayer is to need him desperately!