My friend, Janet, is doing something so amazing!  She has made a public commitment to be obey God’s calling — in the moment.

I love her heart.  She is stepping up and stepping out.   I want to be more like Janet.  Not because she’s my sweet friend, but because she is chasing Christ with a passion.  She is hungry for more Jesus.  That’s my prayer —

Lord give me passion for only You.  Let the world fade away.  Take me out of this gray place where I just move through the days and let me do Your will in Your way.  Let me stop posturing for public praise and praying for more Jesus.  Let me set aside all my agendas and focus only on Your righteousness and goodness.  Let my heart be undivided and my mind be singularly focused. Remind me that loving You is easy for You are good and holy!  Lord, keep my wandering heart focused only on You.  

I’ve been following along with Janet for a few days.  But it’s been a half hearted attempt.  It’s been sort of committed, but not all the way in.

I’m ready to jump in, heart first.

I’m ready to set up my own 30 Day challenge.

I’m going to sit down with the Lord and He’ll direct my path.  Maybe He’ll encourage me to share it with you.

Whether I share it here or not, take the time to read Janet’s words.  Hear her heart cry.  And then look at your heart.  Do you need a challenge?  Is God calling you to something.