I wrote a book.  It’s called God, Grace, and Girlfriends: Adventures in Faith & Friendship and you can find it on Amazon or in most any Christian bookstore.

This book released in December 2011 and it seems it came out and  I got caught up in cruise season.  I’m thrilled about this book.  It’s a HUGE blessing to me and I hope it is to everyone who picks it up.

I’ve also been a bit worried that talking too much about the book would appear to be bragging.  In fact, I’ve spent a lot of time NOT talking about it.  Avoiding it.  And almost apologizing for it.  WHY?  I don’t know.  I do know this:

God gave me this topic.  He allowed this book to be written.  And He put me in front of the agent and the publisher who believed in the project.

It struck me recently that my fear of bragging has made me not say anything about the blessing of being published.   I prayed that the Lord would send the right publisher for this book and He answered that prayer — twice.  Let me explain.

God, Grace and Girlfriends sold to Thomas Nelson in December 2007 and was due to be released Spring of 2009.  Sadly Thomas Nelson canceled the book just days before I was to get the final edits.  I was crushed, just crushed.  But Nelson had laid off a large part of their workforce and cancel over 1/2 the upcoming tittles.  I tried to see the silver lining.

We sold the book to New Hope Publishers in early 2011 and it released in December.  Until I held that book in my hand, I knew that it could all change.  The call could come and the book wouldn’t be.  I think that’s a part of my fear about saying too much about the book — for fear it would go away.

But whether it sells a million copies or just sells hundreds, it’s a blessing from God.  He gave me this message. I walked out this story and I’m still living it.   This message  has burned in my spirit for so long.  I’ve laughed and cried over the things in this book – and it’s good.  I know it’s a blessing to others because it’s God-given, nothing from me.  I’m just the very undeserving, fumbling, frazzled mess of a girl the Lord decided to use.  I’m HONORED that He has given me this task and I plan to fulfill in the best way I know how!

So no more apologizing for God’s blessing.  It’s answered prayer.  I’m thrilled to be in His service and stunned that He allows me to do His work with Him.