The Official Title is ….

Girlfriends, God, and Grace:

How to have a Great Girlfriend Adventure

Thanks so much for all the votes! All the emails! And all the loving support. You all rock!
We had 39 votes at the poll!! 27 for Girlfriends, God and Grace. There were another 20+ emails with over 75% for Girlfriends, God and Grace. I’m so excited. It’s a lock now. The publisher will not change the title. Everything else may change, but the title is firm.

Girlfriends, God and Grace is the title that I came up with and pitched it to my girlfriends about 5 years ago. We were all sitting around Suzi’s table making bead jewelry (remember that craze) and between bead stringing,  I’m pitching out book titles. This is the one that stuck.

In all honesty, I came up with both titles. The Great Girlfriend Adventure is a chapter title in this book — and it’s now the subtitle. So either way, I would love it.  But Girlfriends, God and Grace is the original

Ohh, and also I didn’t look pathetic to the snazzy publishing bunch. I had my votes and some great comments for both titles. Thank you for making me NOT look pathetic.  I love it when I look like I have lots of friends — how very cool. 
Now we can return to our regularly scheduled blogging.