So here we are on day two … almost three of the Great Girlfriend Adventure and I have so much to share. We’ve met some incredible women,  heard some amazing stories, and I can’t wait to share those with you… and stories and pictures are coming, but I have to wait until we get to a spot with a bit better Internet.

We’ve laughed, prayed, hugged, shared, got lost, ran the battery down, and managed to find out first stop!  Amazing!  And such a testimony to a God who takes care of the details of our lives.

Melinda and I got into Falls Creek Conference center at about 7pm  on Thursday.  We were only about 2 hours later then we thought we’d arrive, but thank goodness we didn’t start until Friday, we were not needed anywhere.  We found our room,  dropped off our bags, and ran to eat.   We managed to find the most WONDERFUL mexican food place ever… it was so good, but maybe it was just sorta good and I was so hungry it seemed so much better.  Whatever the reason, we ATE and enjoyed.

Driving through the little town of Davis, we marveled at the quaint town and commented on how very DARK the roads were.  Then laughed out loud when we realized that we’d not turned on the car’s headlights.  Both Melinda and I are automatic headlights girls.  We got those headlights on and headed back up the mountain to the conference center.

Grabbed a few hours of sleep and hit the ground running the next morning.

I led two seminars, met some incredible women and hey blessed us so much.  You’ll meet them some of them in a future post.

We met up with Angela Thomas and her sweet side kick Lisa at dinner.  Angela asked us to bring flat Angela (on a stick) to the main session so she could get a picture with … well, herself.

And this where the story turns dark (all puns intended)

Flat Angela was hanging in the rental Jetta with her friends, flat Lysa T and flat Renee — I clicked that little clicker thing at the door.  Nothing happened.  Nada.  No clicking sound.  No light.  Nothing.

And then it hit us…. did we turn OFF those headlights?  Oops.


God is good and we got the battery charged and still had time for Angela to meet flat Angela!

And sweet Angela wore her Great Girlfriend Adventure button on stage!  Love that girl!

Right now we are on the road to the Lifeway store in Amarillo.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the GREAT Girlfriend Adventure…. and don’t miss this CONTEST (that blog post will be up by Sunday mid day)