Allow the Holy Spirit to Interrupt – with Mary DeMuth

Feb 22, 2021

“Be interruptible by God.”  These words from Mary DeMuth struck me in the heart.  How often do I get so FOCUSED on the goal that I forget who CALLED me to this service?  Am I making room for the Holy Spirit to move and change my direction?

Along with this nugget of wisdom, Mary shares the one thing she would have done differently as she was starting out — focus on her niche.  Like so many of us, when Mary began speaking she would build a message from any subject the event planner requested.  Focus.

Mary shares wisdom and encouragement for speakers at every level.

Check out all that Mary is doing:

What Mary is looking for as a literary agent.
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Meet My Guest

Mary DeMuth

Mary DeMuth is an international speaker and podcaster, and she’s the novelist and nonfiction author of over forty books, including Pray Every Day (Harvest House Publishers 2020). She loves to help people re-story their lives. She lives in Texas with her husband of 29 years and is the mom to three adult children. Find out more at Be prayed for on her daily prayer podcast with over one million downloads: For sexual abuse resources, visit For writer mastermind information, go to

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