My favorite weather dude says the high Friday is 69 degrees!  Yes, it’s official, Fall is here.  I love fall and here is a list. 

I love…

1.  new colors — plum, chocolate, sienna — just kinda makes me hungry although I don’t know what a sienna would taste like, but I’ll try it.

2. the sound of leaves crunching under my feet.

3. the deep blue color of the sky.

4. the smell in the air.

5. the clothes (I can hide more under a sweater).

6. Halloween Fall festival candy

7. Fall festivals

8. The pumpkin patch!  Love it!  I’m going to borrow a little one to go with me next time.

9. sales (of course that’s year round but I love them in fall, too)

10. Fall girlfriends getaway!  Lots of fun and some serious laughing at things that really aren’t funny.

11. the lack of fleas — my dog is allergic to fleas and they are so hard on him.  We use every flea treatment known to man. 


11. I’m sure there’s lots more that I love, ubt right now I’m doozing off,  so let’s continue this later….