Aim Your Life for God

Feb 15, 2021

If you don’t let God aim your life, the world will do it for you.
Go aim your life for Him.
What an incredible challenge from Lisa Allen.

Lisa’s very busy speaking career began when she was tapped to do Sunday morning announcements at her church.  And soon after that Sunday a woman called out Lisa’s  gift of speaking and encouraged her to begin moving forward as a speaker. 

Like many new speakers, Lisa would build a message around any topic the event planner  requested.   Her career changed and began to take off when she narrowed her message to what she is called to share.    Lisa did the hard work to determine her God-given message.

How are you working to take the next steps in your speaking career? 


Lisa Allen’s website
Proverbs 31 Ministries
Shari Braendal

Katy McCown

John Piper’s APTAT


Meet My Guest

Lisa Allen

 Lisa Allen is the Executive Director of Ministry Training for Proverbs 31 and she’s also a seasoned speaker, life coach, certified DISC consultant and a Gallup trained Strengths  Coach.  

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