Road Trip Schedule

I would LOVE to meet you out on the road!  Here’s where you’ll find us!

Thursday, April 12 —  Getting into Dallas — heading to Davis, Oklahoma (want to meet for coffee or lunch?)

Friday, April 13 – Sat April 14 —  Oklahoma Ladies Retreat, Davis, OK  (will you be there?  Come by and say hi!)

Saturday afternoon, April 14 —  5-7pm — Lifeway Store – Amarillo – Book signing and meeting people.  Will you be there?

Sunday, April 15 — Amarillo, TX — God is up to something…. will we see you in Amarillo

Sunday evening, April 15 — FAITH PIT STOP — Paint scriptures at Cadillac Ranch.   Come on!  Bring a can of spray paint & a list of favorite verses!  (If you just can’t make it to Amarillo you can share your favorites via twitter, facebook, and this site!)

Monday, April 16 —  Albuquerque, NM, in studio radio interview and a FAITH PIT STOP somewhere!  (more coming soon)   Also, Mexico Food!!!  Excited to be meeting a sweet friend for the first time!  Want to come along?

Monday, April 16 — on to Holbrook, AZ  (watch for fun pictures and updates!)

Tuesday, April 17 — Overgaard, AZ — speaking to the women’s group in Overgaard, AZ at 9:30am!  If you up and out in the area, come by and say hello!

Tuesday, April 17 – FAITH PIT STOP – Wig Wam Motel —  

Wednesday, April 18 — Pinetop, AZ — meeting w/ a group of women from First Baptist Church Pinetop.  I’m so excited about meeting Heidi and her group!

Thursday, April 19 – Winslow, AZ — to stand on the corner… and sing (or not!)  Come join in!


Friday, April 20 — Williams, AZ — spending the night in train Caboose!  Yes, you read that right!  A caboose.   Come by and check out our living quarters!

Saturday, April 21 — On the road to Gallup, New Mexico where Hollywood filmed many of the Westerns in the  1940s and 50s

Sunday, April 22 –Onward to Santa Fe.  Where will we worship today?  We are open to ideas and looking for a church to visit!

Monday, April 23 — Hello Tucumcari!  We’ll be taking pictures at the famous Route 66 motel Blue Swallow Inn

Tuesday, April 24 — Time to head back to Dallas…..