Today I’m heading out on  my second cruise in as many weeks – it’s a wild adventure, this life I lead.  The Lord allows me to work an incredible job filled with incredible people and I get to do some of it on the high seas! 

I have SO MUCH news to share, but I want time to process it before I bust out and tell y’all all these happenings.  But I did want to touch base with everyone before I headed out again – so here are some of the highlights:

I just saw a picture (via text message) of my grandbabe – she or he is growing so fast!  I think she’s the size of a ….. I don’t know…. maybe a tangerine?

I signed a new book contract before I left home last week – and the book is due on March 1st.  I’m so glad that it’s written – this is the Girlfriends, God & Grace book (and more on that later).

We’ve decided to go to Yellowstone National Park in June – and we are BEYOND excited.

gIRL has some incredibly exciting stuff on the horizon.  (more later)

My speaking schedule is filling up – so blessed that the Lord allows me to speak to women’s groups all over! 

So that’s my nutshell update – and I will be back soon to get details for the 6 people who just might be interested in my life.

Now, it’s time to board the ship and get my cruise on!  Looking forward to this one.