You KNOW God has called you to Speak . . . .

You KNOW God has a message for you to Share . . .

You just don’t know where to start. . .

Welcome to Activate LIVE!

May 2-5, 2024 Franklin, TN

Four days, three nights LIVE & in person!  

The first in-person offering of the popular and successful Activate Course.

For the past three years, Mary has offered Activate training in a virtual setting — and now it’s time to meet IN PERSON! 


Join Mary and her team as they coach in real time on how to:

  • Live & in person Coaching with Mary
  • Craft a Message that Matters & Moves Your Audience to Action
  • Learn the Presentation Skills to Share Your Message with Impact
  • Craft Your Powerful One Sheet (that will catch the eye of the event planner)
  • Develop Your Persuasive Pitch Story that clearly communicates Your Unique Value as a Speaker
  • Pre-event Coaching so you are READY when we meet in person

…and more!

Best of all — we are doing this IN-PERSON and Together!  
But there’s only 40 spots AVAILABLE!  And I want you there! 
Join me May 2-5, 2024 in Franklin, TN at the Drury Inn!

Your registration covers the conference, book your discounted hotel at the Drury inn with this button or Call the Drury at NUMBER and mention the Activate Live to get the discounted rate.

FYI – Stay at the Drury for some fun after hours time and bonus! Hot & delicious breakfast and dinner is included with your stay!!


“I struggled with taking the message in my heart and creating a message that honored the Lord. Through Activate with Mary, group workshops, and feedback from my peers, I feel a renewed understanding of where I am needed and how to get there.”


Ruth Hovespian


“Mary has a genuine heart to help speakers embrace their calling and practical experience to make it possible. She honors each person’s uniqueness and reinforces the need to follow God’s leading above anyone else. If you’re on the fence, there’s only one direction to go — hop into Activate!”


Stephanie Smith


“Activate and Mary’s coaching has helped me clarify my message, equipped me with tools needed to get booked, and built my confidence. If you have a chance to work with Mary, do it. She brings her experience as a speaker, event planner and tour planner to every coaching session, which elevates her to the next level as a Speaker Coach.”


Amber Cullum


“If you’re ready to get serious about your speaking business, Activate is for you. Mary affirmed my calling as a speaker and taught me that my message matters. She is excited to do that for you, too.”


Doris Swift

About Mary

Mary R Snyder is an enthusiastic, engaging, and dynamic speaker who has dedicated to inspiring others to share their God-given message. As the founder of Activate, she draws on her immense experience with live events and tours to coach some of the most influential Christian speakers of our time. Her passion for storytelling allows her to not only captivate audiences but also provide practical coaching based on real-life experiences. Mary’s empowering voice continues to motivate and energize people everywhere and she strives to create a more positive environment in which everyone can thrive.