I didn’t mean to get out on Black Friday. It was an accident.  And it wasn’t mine.  My sweet husband left his ID badge at home and since he drives onto an airport his ID is imperative.  

By 7:30am I’d met him and was heading back home.  To get home I have to drive right by a shopping area complete with a Target, Books A Million, and tons of other stores … and by right by I mean over the interstate and across two major roads in the opposite direction of our house, but it’s as close to ‘right by’ as you get in rural Alabama.

Since I was ‘right by’ Target I decided to stop by and check out all the Black Friday hoopla.  I’d missed the 4am madness so it was fairly quiet.  I roamed around the store looking for the SALES that brought everyone out at 4am.   I heard about TVs for rock bottom prices, but I didn’t need one of those and they were out anyway. 

After some roaming, I decided maybe I should look at the sale paper to see the deals.  Sadly, Target didn’t have any additional sale papers.  I tried to use the browser on my phone and I found the ads… but couldn’t figure out how to make it big enough for the human eye to read.  And yes, I have phone issues… and I need an app for that.

I didn’t know what was on sale,  so I couldn’t figure out what I needed to buy.

Read that statement again….. did you re-read it? 

I didn’t know what was on sale so I didn’t know what I wanted to WANT.  How crazy is this? 

Maybe y’all are different, but I realized that I am the prime candidate for the retail industry – show me bright shiny pictures of all the great stuff and I’ll want it and I’ll go out looking for it. 

I left Target without buying ONE SINGLE THING… on Black Friday. 

And I think I may have learned a little bit along the way.

I hadn’t studied the sale papers so I didn’t know what to want and so I didn’t want it.  

Eye-opening for me.