This is the second year I MISSED the requisite Thanksgiving blog and I’m just going to be okay with that.

Sometimes I make myself crazier than I am with this self-imposed regulations:

Thou SHALL blog on major holidays

Thou SHALL blog a minimum of twice per week

Thou SHALL be funny and thought-provoking — preferably at the same time

Thou SHALL NOT covet another person’s blog

Thou SHALL NOT make spelling or grammar errors

Thou SHALL respond to EVERY SINGLE person who comments on your blog

And I have broken every single one of these.  It’s a wonder anyone ever comes back here, isn’t it?

But I’m still here.  Hope you’ll come back around again.  I’ll be honest with you, I’ll mess up again and again, but I’ll get back up and try.

This is just like my relationship with Christ.  I mess up time and time again, but I get up, dust off and start again.  I’m so glad that I live under His amazing grace.