A week and a Day

That’s all that we have left – just a week and a day until the big wedding adventure! And yes, it’s an adventure. This week I’ve been running here, there, and everywhere – I feel like I’m in a Dr. Seuss book –
I need wedding shoes,
Yes I do,
I need wedding shoes,
How about you?
Gold shoes, silver shoes, glittery shoes, too.
But not for me, these just won’t do.
Black ones, you ask?
Only in a pinch.
Bronze shoes are my heart’s desire,
but I’ll settle for shoes that just match my wedding attire

Okay – I’m not a threat to steal Dr. Suess’ readership, but I do feel a little like I’m living in some alternate reality. Everything seems to be moving at warp speed – except the things I need to accomplish. Now, that list is just slogging along.

With only eight days left, I have to find wedding shoes, a tank (with lace top trim) and some wedding jewelry – although, my sweet friend, Kim, has kindly offered to loan me a beautiful set. I’m just nervous about borrowing jewelry. I’m nervous about borrowing anything, because I’m a klutz. I’m afraid the necklace will end up in the punch bowl or the toilet bowl – now, that would be bad.

So, it’s down to the wire and we’re almost finished with everything, but I just can’t believe it’s here. The little girl who used to dress up in her Snow White dress and watch the Disney Easter parade every morning is getting married. The little girl who dreamed she would one day bve a princess — and often acted like she was a princess, is only a week away from her fairytale wedding. She’ll dress up in her wedding gown and take her Daddy’s arm and they’ll walk down that aisle together. At the end of that aisle will stand the young man who promises to care for her. I can’t believe that the little girl who loved Snow White and all things princess, is only a week away from becoming a married lady.

In a week and a day, the Dr. Seuss wild wedding adventure will come to a close and my little girl will become a married lady.

The princess bride to be — complete with a tiara!