Okay, the past few weeks… or months have been somewhat crazy and since I’m never one to hoard my crazy, I want to share it with you.

February 2012

started the couch to 5K and day after had the worst dizzy spell ever.  Hello VERTIGO!!    Whoa… someone stop the spinning!

Diagnosed with inner ear junk and some strange vertigo thing.  Got medicine.

Set sail on Cruise number 3 of the season (this only 3 weeks after the Cruise number 2).  Had loads of fun!   Tried to stay upright with the dizzy thing.  Worked myself into a tizzy!!

Had a weekend off. Well, just a day and then we welcomed people to Cruise number 4!

Sailed on Cruise number 4.  Priscilla Shirer (along with husband) sailed with us!  I may have stalked her a little bit.  We talked.  She didn’t run away from me!  Spinning / Dizzy not as bad.  Medicine helps.

Home!  For two weeks.  Working like crazy.   Welcome new person to the cruise team — welcome Viki!  Love her.  She’s fun!

Praying, studying , preparing and planning.  Lord let me glorify only YOU!

Speak at a women’s retreat.  They blessed me so much!  I’m so blown away that the Lord allows me to speak for Him.

Work on Great Girlfriend Getaway! 

Back to Miami to welcome guests for Cruise 5 (and the final one of the season!)

Cruising again.  Not so dizzy.  Having fun with the team.  Mandisa is sailing with us.  She’s fun and so stinking talented.


Two days later – speak at my former church!  Love that bunch of women!  What a blessing they are. Thank you JESUS!

Next day – dental implant surgery.

Work on Great Girlfriend Adventure!

One implant fails.  My face swells up until I look like a cross between Marlon Brando in The Godfather and an over eager squirrel preparing for winter.

More medicine and lots of pain stuff.

Hello today!

It’s been a wild few weeks, but God is in control!

And I’m so excited about NEWS about the Great Girlfriend Adventure ROAD TRIP!!!