I was considering a nickname… I just don’t have one.  I have a few my husband calls me but I really don’t want to be known as honey to the general population. 

I decided on Trixie but was quickly told (via facebook because isn’t that where life happens) that Trixie was a bit risque  — and I was thinking of Trixie Belding, girl detective not Trixie girl of the evening.  I opted for Dixie in honor of the late, great Dixie Carter and now I’m considering another change. 

Jinx – may just be the new name.  It seems that everything I come in contact with is falling apart.  The AC stopped working, my phones quit working, the router on my modem or internet or something that in a little black box with flashing lights quit working…. and my sunny, good natured quit working too. 

It seemed as if I were destined to be in a bad place and then Viola!  It’s all working again.  Repair guy fixed the black box thingie, I fixed the phones and hubby fixed the AC w/ a little help from some friends – things are good and my attitude is much better.  So it’s back to Dixie formerly known as Trixie or DkaT – D-Kat for short.  It sounds so much cooler than I am.

What about you… if you could pick a nickname what would it be and why?