Today Vaughn and I hit the trail on a new journey – no, not another vacation. We are starting a new Sunday school class for young adults. This is our first time leading a Sunday school class, although Vaughn’s filled in quite a bit for other teachers. How do I fit in, you ask? I’m just the beauty behind the brains on this one.

Now, why in the world would we, two not-so-young-adults, be called to lead young adults? I have a few theories on this:

We’re about the same age? Not! We’re just a few years older….okay, quite a few years. Although, Vaughn will tell you I act like I’m 19 most of the time (if only my body would cooperate, but that’s a different post for a different day)

We have so much in common with the 20s-30s crowd? Nope, not hardly. We remember life before VCRs – oh, wait, that’s dated, now it’s life before DVD players. We are the parents of a 21 year old, but that just means we are more clueless than most.

We have all the right answers? That is a big NO. We have made most all of the mistakes and through God’s grace we’re here today.

No one else is willing to do it? Nah, there are quite a few who would love to lead this group.

God has called us to it? That’s it. God’s called us to this and we’re thrilled and humbled to serve His kingdom. Vaughn is a true lover of God’s word and he spends hours just pouring through scriptures – I know that God will use this love for His word to reach out to others. Me? I’m just window dressing and I’m the also the one who can blog, program the satellite, text, and use a computer – so, he does need me a little bit.

We are so blessed to be in a church that has a heart for people and we are excited to be connecting to this young adult group. Our prayer is that we are able to share just a portion of the blessings that God has given us – and to model the joy that we have in serving Him.

I’m leaning on the Lord as we head out on this new adventure. I know that He is faithful and He will do His will. I just pray that we are faithful to His calling. Pray for us – and pray for the young adults we will lead.