So all that numbness and pain I’ve had in my hands for the past six months wasn’t just an improperly placed keyboard (although I’m sure that didn’t help).  I have carpal tunnel syndrome — of course, I’ve sort of known it for some time.  The burning pain that makes me want to rip my hand off was my first clue. 

Of course being the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” chickie that I am, I’ve been toughing my way through it.  Not working.  I’m detriorating into a whiny pain-ridden mess.  Not a pretty sight, trust me on this one.

When I hand some tests run the technician assured me that the left arm was much worse than the right, that was until she tested the right.  “Can you button your clothes?” she asked after testing my right hand.  I get the feeling that the numbness may be blocking some of the pain — oh, heavens if it hurt any worse I might just operate myself. 

So as you read this I’m probably in surgery, coming out of a drug-induced surgery coma or laid up in my bed without the use of my right hand.

I’ll be out of commission for a couple of weeks, or until I learn to type one handed.  I’m much more concerned with fixing my hair and putting on makeup.  Thank you Lord for giving me daughters.  I don’t even want to think about what I would look like if my sweet Hubby, V, tried to apply eyeliner!  Another one of those, not a pretty sight things.

I’ll see you all soon — say a short prayer for me and a quick, painless recovery. 

Bye Internet chicks!