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I don’t know about you, but I LOVE to check something off a list.

Now, it all honesty I don’t really LIKE lists — I’m not one of those linear thinkers or doers.  You know the type — they have everything in order.  Their lists are perfectly aligned and usually have fancy little boxes that are checked off in order.

I’m more of a roundabout thinker — my lists (when I actually make one) is filled with scribbles in the margin and very few checked off items.  But on the off chance that I DO complete something on my list, I get very excited.

There was a time when I checked God off my list — maybe not literally, but figuratively.  I would ‘do’ Bible study every morning and then close out my time with God.  That was it.  I was done.  I had completed my ‘religious’ thing.  I also checked off twice weekly church attendance and regular corporate bible study.

In my checking off, I missed out on the glory and the grace that is life in Christ.   As I moved from checking off to abiding in Christ, my life changed.  I know that it’s only when I’m IN Christ that I find my peace and my joy. I still don’t like lists though!

So today, let’s not ‘CHECK off’ our time with the Lord.  Let’s abide with Him.

Let’s stopping ‘doing’ our faith and starting living our faith.   That’s my goal for today — to abide in Christ.

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