I’ve been on a cruise ship for the last six nights — tonight is my last night onboard.  I’ve met some amazing people on this cruise –as I often do when I travel.  We’ve exchanged phone numbers and become fast facebook friends.   I could chalk up these new relationships to luck or chance – after all these are just people I met on a cruise.  BUT I know the God of the Universe is never casual or flippant.

I know that His Word teaches me to EXPECT the unexpected.  I know that God has a plan for every single person that I come in contact.  God loves each one of us — and for some reason He has allowed me to connect with a few new children of God.  Some of them know Him well and walk with Him daily.  Others do not know Jesus and have only heard the His name.

Today, I’m walking in the knowledge that God is doing something amazing in and around me — and you.  He is always up to the amazing, let’s just take the time to see the wonder.