As a child of the 70s & 80s, I spent many weekends at the local skating rink. I’m not the best skater.  Not now, not then.  Never could do that half-spin into the backwards skate move.  I spent most of my time looking at the cute boys, giggling with girlfriends in the corner,  and playing my favorite skating rink game. Air Hockey.   With the glowing neon lights and whirl of the motor, it was love at first site.   


I rocked the Air Hockey table.  I was competitive and aggressive long before it was cool.  I’d sling myself across the table to block a shot while I flipped my hair like I was auditioning for a shampoo commercial.  I haven’t thought about Air Hockey in years.   Until we checked into our chalet in the Smokey Mountains and what to should appear – an Air Hockey table.  I’m jazzed.

I remembered those nights at the skating rink —  a little Muskrat Love playing and the DJ called for Couples Skate.  The lights dimmed and puppy love was in full swing.  The lights came up and we scattered.  I usually headed to play a round or seven of Air Hockey.

Hubs and I played. He won. I’m sure he cheated.  I still loved playing.  I jumped, blocked, and flipped my hair like a madwoman! I forget how many muscles you work just to flip your hair.  But this isn’t just any flip. It was a workout.

And now I know how to get in shape.  Just head to the skating rink and play competitive Air Hockey.img_0309 Does that exist?

 What game was your favorite?  Did you play PacMan, Asteroids, something much more current?