I found this on Leah’s blog http://www.thepoint-leah.blogspot.com and thought it looked like lots of fun! Try it …. I really had to think through the what was I doing ten years ago…I have trouble remembering what I was doing ten minutes ago.

What I was doing 10 years ago – Spring of 1998

1. Spending lots of time with my girls who were 5 and 11 (now Charity is getting married, wow those ten years flew by!)
2.Trying to sell my first book (which finally sold in Sept 1998). 3. Writing like crazy and loving it
4. Going to t-ball practices/ games with Paige and softball with Charity
5. Trying to find just a few minutes of peace and quiet (I usually ended up locking myself in the bathroom)

Five things on my to-do list today (we’ll go with tomorrow since its nighttime)

1. Finish addresses for wedding invitations (my sweet Charity gets married in 5 weeks)
2. Write 500 words on my latest book, Girlfriends, God and Grace
3. Work on grant report at work
4. Go through my shoes and ditch the ones I haven’t worn in a year (just making room for some new ones)
5. Make a run to the thrift store with the 4 boxes of clothes and stuff

Five snacks I enjoy

1. Doritos – love’em
2. Chocolate anything
3. Cheese – pretty much any type of cheese
4. Grapes – I love to freeze them
5. Ice Cream – all kinds, but love a coffee flavor

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire

1. Give Big!
2. Support good works / ministries who are reaching people where they live
3. Get out of debt – and help out all our family
4. Buy a house in the Smoky Mountains
5. Start a home for women and children who are caught up in drugs and / or domestic violence

Five of my bad habits

1. Goofing off on my computer
2. Sitting up too late
3. Reality television.
4. Procrastinating everything
5. Food….

Five places I have lived

1. Remlap, AL
2. Birmingham, AL
3. Pell City, AL
4. West Palm Beach, FL
5. Los Angeles, CA

Five jobs I’ve had

1. Director, Blount County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) – best job I’ve ever had and one that breaks my heart daily. Working with abused / neglected children and their families can be so heart wrenching, but I have some amazing volunteer advocates who do amazing work.

2. Freelance writer / author – from 1999- 2005 I wrote regularly for a variety of different publications. I was so blessed that the Lord allowed me such a career and I took it for granted – something I don’t ever plan to do again. I pray that one day I’m back in this career fulltime.

3. Marketing Manager – loved this. I love the marketing side of most everything…including marketing side of writing.

4. Event planner – I planned class reunions for a couple of years. Talk about fun!

5. Sales Manager – a fun job and I loved the people

adding a #6 – Women’s Ministry leader – at my last church and I loved this work! I truly felt the Lord’s call on my life to serve women and I still do. I’m fortunate to be serving on the women’s ministry team at Union Hill and loving it. I love serving my sisters in Christ.