You know how it is when you have lots to say but don’t know where to start?

That’s me today! And probably ever other day of my life!

I’ve neglected this blog for so long I wondered if coming back was an option… and then I thought — why not!

I’m calling a Do Over!

Isn’t that what this faith is all about — do overs.

Maybe it’s more a fresh start than a do over, but let’s not split hairs.  I’m going with Do Over because that’s the title of the post and goodness knows I don’t want to expend the energy to change it.

Life is fun, crazy, wild and just a big ADVENTURE.  God is moving me, shaking up my world. blessing me beyond measure and shifting me FAR from my comfort zone.  I find myself more behind the scenes than ever before and I love it.  For a girl who loves centerstage, it’s fun back here where I’m just planning, praying, preparing and producing.  It’s different, but it’s SO GOOD.

I want to tell you ALL more, but now is not the time — it’ll be here soon.  I’ll keep quiet or I will spill the beans… and tell you EVERYTHING!  And I can’t, not yet, but soon.

Recently, I was sharing these life changes with a friend and I realized  it wasn’t that I was disobeying God and following a my own life plan.   I was just working off a OLD set of plans.  I know the Lord has called me to speak, teach and write — but I’d laid that out the way I thought it should look.  I’d write books, speak to women’s groups and teach God’s Word to women.  I had the calling right (write, speak, teach), but I was  working off that OLD set of plans.  God had  laid the groundwork and charted up a NEW set of plans.

But I didn’t have time for anything NEW.  I’d just started getting the old plan down.  I was just getting  comfortable.

As I plodded along TRYING desperately to make HIS calling on my life fit the old plan, I felt like a size 8 foot in a size 5 pump.  MISERABLE.  And the more I tried to squeeze into that plan, the more miserable I made myself.

Finally, I took a deep breath in — stepped back and asked God where I was going wrong.

And it quickly became evident that I was hanging onto old plans.    I’d changed over the last many years, God had groomed me for this new plan.  He’d prepared my heart for this new plan.  But, I didn’t want to let go.  I’d invested time, energy, money and PRIDE in that old plan!  I was supposed to EXCEL at that old plan!    How could I just WALK AWAY, Lord?  You see, I like to be in control.  Shocking revelation, I know!

So here I am today — on this new path with the Lord.  I’ve set aside that old plan and we are doing a new thing.  It’s fun, exciting and I don’t know what’s around the next corner.  But I do know this — God is in control and He has this!