The book is written and turned in. I didn’t want to let it go.  It’s almost like giving away a daughter in marriage…. oh wait, we did that last month.  This was harder.  Just living through the last few weeks have been really a wild ride (really, my life is a constant wild ride).  These last few weeks I’ve felt like I’ve lived at this desk. 






See, all the important things in life – notice the Bible is right there.  There's my  wrist brace because my ergonomically correct keyboard went on the frits.  There are Thing 1 and Thing 2 — doesn't everyone need a little Dr. Seuss in their life.  Also, I have a glass of water for hydration, you work up a lot of sweat doing this writing thing. Not.  The only thing you work up is a bigger rear end.  You may be wondering about the can of Duncan Hines frosting –  like Dr. Seuss, everyone needs a can a frosting every once in a while (and this may have something to do with the bigger rear end thing).   I needed something quick to eat and open can insert spoon into sugar.  Doesn't get much quicker.  


The rest of the stuff is just really important writer kind of stuff.. . like post its (I love me some post it notes — that's that really good like writer grammar I'm using now), random pieces of paper that will eventually make it to the trash can, but it's under my desk and I'm waiting  for the  great  paper migration (and yes, it does happen, skeptic).  There are also  important notes like this one that reads ‘4pm, Sat.' I have no idea where I'm supposed to be, what's happening, or even which Saturday.   In my defense, I was writing really hard.  I was truly stretching my brain — and I didn't have time to claan .  At one point I had a minor melt down and just cleaned it — not good, but I did clean it.


But the book is off to the editor and out of my hands.  I'm sort of sad.  I miss it.  I've carried it around for so long first in my head and then on paper, but it's been there.  Can't believe it's come this far.  One day, I'll tell the story of how it all started and where it has taken me — it's been a wild ride and we're still riding. 







Pretty cool, huh?  There's Thing 1 and Thing 2 and don't you love that cross?  That was a gift from a sweetheart of a friend – she gave it to me before I went on my Emmaus walk and it sits right on my desk.  I think it's another symbol of the book.  Because Kathy, that's my friend, she's so funny and supportive.  When I told her about the book she said “oh, let's do tote bags and t-shirts.”  She has a whole line of products planned.  And check out my desk — pretty isn't it?  My Dad refinished this desk in the 60s when I was a little one and I've always loved it.  My Mom called up a few years ago and said “you want that desk?”  Her and Dad were moving and they didn't want to move it and of course I jumped on it.  It's big and pretty and solid wood. 


So, now my desk is clean, the book is gone and I'm working on another one.  I'm also working on the marketing for this one.  I'm looking at all kinds of stuff.  So, I'm off to enjoy my clean desk.  You do the same and I hope you have a clean desk or if you have a messy one, I hope it's a fun mess like mine. 


Later all