Gas is $3.56 a gallon at my local gas station.  I’ll be honest, I’ve never really followed gas prices.  I buy it when I need it.  I don’t like paying $60 to fill up my vehicle, but it is what it is.  My husband follows gas prices like it’s a sport.  He’ll call me and announce the latest gas price.  I guess I’m supposed to be impressed at this skill…. but I don’t know why.  And since I try to be a good and supportive wife, I make all manner of comments like ‘really,’ ‘oh my stars’and ‘let’s get a horse.’   There is also that rare occasion when he will call to announce the sighting of the RARE lower priced gas.  Again, I pull out all the supportive wife phrases and act impressed.  I think it’s sweet that he wants to share this with me, but really I don’t care about gas prices.  I don’t just hop in the car and drive around willy nilly but then I’ve never done this.  I work from home and no longer cart kids around so my gas consumption is already low.

But for the first time I’m a bit concerned over gas prices.  I’m heading out with my friend, Melinda Garmanon a two week road trip — the Great Girlfriend Adventure in April.  Pundits (and who IS a pundit?  just a person who shares their thoughts on issues?  If so, then I’m a pundit) are reporting gas prices could hit $7 a gallon.

A 2500 road trip already has a few costs built in, but DOUBLING the price of fuel?  Oh my.   The rising cost of gas has me planning a bit more than usual.  But I’m just trusting God to provide and trying to use the brain He gave me to make good gas-consumption decisions.   (Like renting an economy car, you know the ones that look like oversized Tic Tacs, instead of opting for the SUV).

What about you?  Are the gas prices changing the way you do life?