I DO have the BEST intentions, but the follow through is lacking.

My 52 new things in 2010 was modeled on some of my local Birmingham girls idea — I loved it and ran with it….

for about two weeks and then I dropped it like a cheating boyfriend.

I’m trying to make it back… but I’m struggling.

I did drink Starbucks in the Bahamas a few weeks ago… sweet, but not the point of the 52 NEW things.

I want to SHARE new with you.  Here is my goal (and isn’t it great to have goals):

To catch up with a post filled with NEW THINGS.  When will that happen?  Well, let’s not get all hasty.  I like to think of this as an organic process.   Okay, in all honesty, I don’t think anyone is interested in my new earrings (zebra and cute), my pink carryon way atop a shelf at Factory Connection, and my new purple scarf.

I want to share something new that is different, unique, and offers something to my readers… all 6 of you.

I’m gathering up my all  new stuff  –okay, I have ONE thing, but I’ve put it in a …. no I haven’t.  It’s in my makeup bag in the bathroom.  I’m thinking about gathering up some new things.

Until then check out these chicks who are ROCKING the new things

Trina (who I think of every single time I see a peacock anything)

Brandi (who is my Charming Charlie loving pal with an incredible sense of  humor)

Later …. off to find some more new things or really just play on Facebook.