Here it is, week two of the 52 New Things and I have another NEW thing.  Wonderful how this is working out.  Don’t get all excited because I’m sure I’ll hit a point where I’ll just where weird lipstick or drive home with my foot hanging out of the window or something equally lame to have a NEW thing for that week.

But for now, I have a very cool NEW thing.

I have a NEW job — I’m working with Premier Christian Cruises as the new Group Leader Coordinator.  Now, you wonder, just what is this group leader coordinator?  I encourage people who are putting together groups and I support people who wish to cruise for free.

I’m doing a whole separate post about the Free Cruise program, but for this post I want to stick with the NEW thing.

Along with working with people via phone & the wonderful web, I will be on the cruises.  I am just as shocked as you!

I’m still pinching myself.  Who am I, that the Lord would allow me to do such incredible work for such a wonderful group.

So there you have it — New Thing #2 — new job as a cruise group leader coordinator.