Thank you McDonald’s!  I love the new McCafe — although I do feel a bit stupid paying $3.59 for a cup of Mickey D’s fancy coffee.  (Okay it’s not $5 but it’s really close)

 I do have one question?  Are you sending out instructions for making this fancy new coffee?

I order a cup each day at the same McDonald’s and there seems to be a coffee making pow-wow happening every time I drive up.

Maybe I’m the only person in my little small town who’s fallen for McCafe. Maybe with all the double cheeseburgers, fries and shakes going out, the workers just forget how to make the McCafes.  But that can’t be the case because my non-blogging friend Kathy drinks McCafe, too and she reports the same problem.  Lack of consistent coffee making skills.

Somedays my  McCafe nonfat, sugar free vanilla cappucino is wickedly perfect and other days, it’s  just adequate.  I don’t complain for fear that they’ll take away the McCafe and then I’ll be back to buying that gas station cappucino — you know what I mean — the ‘only fill the cup 2/3 full’ kind, which is great in a travel pinch but not what you want to drink on a consistent basis.

So thank you Mickey D’s for some (most of the time) kickin’ good coffee!  And the $1 Mickey D’s bucket o’ tea — now that’s a bargain! Probably makes up for the $5 coffee. No, probably not.

I’m off to drink water…. that’s what we caffiene drinkers do to stay healthy.  Right?