I just finished doing the taxes!! Yippee!  And we don’t even have to sell a child to make a tax payment.  I just love it when this happens.

 After finishing the taxes I thought I’d skip over here and check out my new website design.  I read my 25 random things and thought – how lame is this chick?  So I decided to write some fun facts.  This is not a meme, which by the way doesn’t make a bit of sense to me – the word, not the thing.   What does meme mean?  Someone want to share?  I’ve googled the word and nothing. 

 Since I’ve jumped into the meme mess, let me just say this:

 I don’t like them. The pressure is too great.  I feel like I always fail.  Mine are never as funny as I think they should be or as sweet as all the other people on the meme list.  I usually end up just not doing it then I feel bad that I’ve rejected the meme giver.  Then the guilt sets in.  I don’t need more guilt.  The time I spend on Facebook provides me with all the guilt I need.  But I won’t go down the Facebook path today, but let me just say I love me some facebook!

 To redeem my lame 25 random things here is a list of stuff about me, be warned this may be equally as lame, but it won’t be as long.

 1. As a young woman I planned on living in a loft apartment in New York City.  Let me state that I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama where we do not have loft apartments (well, we didn’t then).  I never made it to New York City to live, but I managed a couple of visits.  I live in a county  north of Birmingham in a somewhat rural area and I’m married to a man who thinks living in the big city of Oneonta, Alabama (population 5000) is a fate worse than death.  I don’t think New York City is in my future.  Let me also say that I’m ridiculously happy and love my husband and family.  I couldn’t imagine living in NYC either.

 2. I considered several career options as a young woman:

Veterinarian – loved animals then and I still do. Not the PETA freaky way.

Gymnast – of course my complete lack of coordination ruined that little dream

Dancer (like in Flashdance) – but since I can’t dance I ruled that right really quick

Employee at a resort — this was the Dirty Dancing era and I just knew if I could find a job at a resort I could find the guy who would say “nobody puts Mary in a corner” and sweep me off my feet into a lift.  Didn’t work out.

Superstar – don’t confuse this with movie star  and rock star, although those were in the running.

 Superstar was really where I wanted to be. I didn’t care how or why the spotlight hit me, I just wanted to be in the spotlight.  I didn’t have a plan to get in the spotlight, I just assumed it out land on me.  I was wrong.

 I ended up with a career in sales and marketing and later became a stay at home Mom – and I loved it.  Loved being home with my girls.  Later I started writing and God blessed me with a career in writing and speaking. 

Now, I work for a non-profit and I’m still writing. I’m also speaking at churches around the state and region.   Life is good.  And I don’t want to be in the spotlight anymore…. okay, there are times I would love the spotlight, but I’m learning that if I’m in the spotlight it’s only because the Lord is gracious and continually blesses me.

 3. I struggle around negative people.  Seriously struggle not to shout out “get over it.  God is in control and He has a plan for you.” 

 Let me add this addendum – some people are in very bad places in their lives and my heart hurts for them.  I’m not talking about hurting people, I’m talking about negative Nelly – you know her.  She’s the chick who always manages to find the BAD in any situation.  Beautiful sunny day and Nelly is telling everyone about the problems in the ozone layer.  You tell her you’ve just won the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes and she talks about how much you have to pay in taxes.  Negative people make me crazy. 

 4.  I am not really organized.  But I manage to keep things straight.  I don’t know how, but God has given me great tools to keep things manageable – thank you Post it Notes!!  I love these little guys.

Also, I’ve just completed a file renovation in my home office.  I cleaned out all the files and purged what needed to be purged.  I decided that we could probably get rid of the 2000 car insurance info.  Before you start thinking PackRat – change that to Procrastinator.  I just kept putting it off and before you know it years have passed. 

5. Can’t really think of anything fun, but if I do I’ll come back tomorrow and write a whole ‘nother post on it.

Have a wonderful Today!!