It’s my ‘should have been’ blog -aversary.  Does that make one lick o’ sense?

I planned to start my blog on Jan 1, 2008, but I published my first post on Jan 4, 2008.

Two years later and here we are.  These have been wonderful years.  Growing years.  Changing years… my oldest daughter got married in the first year of my blog and my baby girl starting driving in my second blogging year.  Two life-changing, prayer inducing events.

These two years have brought new friends, new ministry,  new opportunities and I’ve also had failures, losses, and heartaches, but throughout it all God has been faithful and true.  Along each step I’ve learned more about His character and realized that without Him I can do NOT ONE THING!

I’m excited about 2010!  Can’t wait to share some of the upcoming news.  And I will I promise….soon, probably tomorrow.

God is doing a fresh work and I’m ready for it!

Where is God leading you in 2010?